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We Can

Discuss e-learning with you

You will get to speak to someone with extensive knowledge and experience of learning and especially e-learning – not a sales junior just wasting your time! So it is well worth using the contact form and letting us know a few details and when you would like us to phone you – we think that makes the best sense!

Support you in identifying & fulfilling solutions

We do our best to arrive at practical and cost/time efficient solutions. It is nearly always the case that you are looking to achieve something in the very short term and that something is what you then expect to build on over time. We have both the knowledge and experience to support you.

Put your learning online

Our very own learning management system is now into its tenth year. In line with our evolution philosophy of e-learning it has been continuously developing over that time. It has been ‘fit for purpose’ in situations involving many companies and situations from a European hi-tech company who have used it for 8 years through to individual consultants/trainers/coaches using it to support their face-to-face activities delivering more cost effective solutions.

Design and develop course content

Where do we start? We’ve probably been involved in developing e-learning courses as long as anyone else in the UK. We take on the whole job for you or we can be part of your own team. Bringing in the experience we have to offer can be a very cost effective way of getting your use of e-learning off the ground and also developing your own human resource.

Work as part of your team

Let us add an additional dimension to your team or simply fill a gap whilst you consider your future options. We are also past masters at working remotely and with others who might be in disparate locations. From a few days upwards, we can help you to deliver your projects and perhaps, at the same time, help develop your team.

Or….. just hold your hand!

With our extensive knowledge we can help you onto the online learning path. A few minutes on the phone could well be time very well spent! Believe it or not, our founder’s first instructional design project for online delivery was almost 35 years ago and he is still the evolution of our own LMS and working on other LMS and courseware development projects – so, all of it is truly in his blood! Just drop us a note using the Contact Form and we will call you back.