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Ours is probably one of the easiest LMS to use!

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We first started working with Learning Management Systems in 1980! In the next 22 years we worked on many as users, system developers, courseware designers and in user support – we still work with many other systems, including some of the biggest.

In 2001 we were so disillusioned by the myriad of ‘bells and whistles’ systems around that we set about growing our own!

L-Cubed, the IC-UC content and learning management system went live in 2003 and we have working with it and our loyal clients/partners ever since.

We still feel that it is probably the easiest system to get you off the ground, providing authors and administrators with a WYSIWYG experience and the learners with a simple and intuitive interface that stays out of the way and lets them reach those resources which will help in their learning and questions which will enable them to demonstrate understanding.

Please use the Contact form and we can tell you much more – and it is a promise that we will not set a salesperson on you – we are a small outfit and your contact will be probably one of the most experienced LMS people in Europe!

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