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So You Think You Can Really Select the Right Authoring Tool?

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F_53816146_XS_20140908Every week I try to make a point of visiting Craig Weiss’s blog to discover his latest interesting thoughts. Today I was not disappointed.

All of us involved in developing LMSs or authoring tools know that there are a vast number out there and it is certainly mind-boggling as to how anyone can really pick either the best delivery system or the best authoring tools out there.

Unfortunately, marketing can play too big a part in the final decision with poor, unsuspecting organisations being lured into using applications that really are not their best options. There are some very slick salesmen and very able marketing departments out there!

Craig’s article runs through the myriad of things that one might consider when trying to choose which authoring tools to use. Simply reading what he has to say does make you wonder how a decision is finally made.

And I do love the way he compares it to his own personal challenge at the moment, finding a new home!

Click here to hop over to Craig’s site and read the whole story.


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