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e-Learning and the Psychology of Colour

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Stephanie Ivec of Lectora has written an intriguing and useful article on the fascinating field of colour psychology. Click here to take a look at what Stephanie has to say on colours, what they represent and what you might use each for in eLearning. Stephanie also goes on to explain colour combinations.

7 Step Typography Lesson for First-time eLearning Developer

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Karla Gutierrez of Shift Learning has produced a concise set of steps which form a simple lesson on typography. All to often we don’t give enough attention to the text appearing in our courses leaving it to probably the most junior in the team to deal with. So, click here to see what Karla has pulled together. Well worth it as there are also some good additional links and other… Read More »7 Step Typography Lesson for First-time eLearning Developer

Common Elements of eLearning

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Almost all e-learning courses have some basic, common elements. Whether you’re designing a simple 10-slide demo or a complex, animated course, you’ll probably have these four elements: Text Images Navigation Multimedia (maybe) Click here to read more about what Nicole Legault at Articulate has to say on each of these.