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Free eLearning ROI Calculators

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elearningindustry_20140825Can I start with an apology? I was looking around to see if anything had been done recently, maybe someone has some new and alternative ideas on this, I was thinking.

Perhaps I did not look hard enough. Nevertheless, probably still the best list of some is that produced by Christopher Pappas at almost two years ago.

I have been through Christopher’s article and, as you would expect, there have been changes over the last few years. So, from Christopher’s list, here are the ones I think might still be useful:

1. e-Learning Calculator by CAE
3. The e-learning ROI calculator by ASA Interactive
5. eLearning cost benefit calculator by AADM eLearning
8. ROI on eLearning by eNyota Learning
9. E-Learning Return on Investment Calculator by Knowledge Management Solutions
13. Training ROI Calculator by eLearning Network (A spreadsheet download but no instructions available)

Click here to go to Christopher’s original article.

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