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Four LMS Trends whose hype isn’t meeting reality

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Carl Weiss has written an interesting piece outlining four trends which he feels are not delivering on LMS. They are: Gamification points Mobile with Tablets — Your friend shouldn’t be the browser Video and video courses – You say Video, I say ambiguous Storage 1, You the Customer O – You say Storage – I say Ripoff It will be interesting to look back in a year’s time to see… Read More »Four LMS Trends whose hype isn’t meeting reality

iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is a feature-rich set of products at a very good price. While not meant to have all the power of products like Adobe Captivate or the upcoming Articulate Storyline, in its class among other PowerPoint-based tools, it shines.

Raising Awareness

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Corporate expansion coupled with the need for more immediate and detailed financial monitoring from headquarters meant that managers around the globe had to deal with and understand company-specific financial information and terminology.

Learning Management

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The ICUC Learning Management System, L-Cubed, puts the user in control of access to their own personal learning and information

The Best Interactive Techniques that Make eLearning Stick

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Education experts agree that interactivity is key to successful e-Learning. But interactivity is such a broad term. So many things can be construed as “interactive”, yet each method has a different degree of effectiveness. At the ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 conference in San Jose, attendees were asked, “What kind of interactivity is key to make eLearning stick?” Here’s a compilation of their great advice.