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5 Benefits of Scenario Based E-Learning

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desdig_20141001Scenario-based eLearning has been around a very long time – it pre-dates eLearning itself! Those of us who were designing courses delivered from large mainframes in the 80s worked for some of the largest companies in the world, with budgets that now we can only dream about.

However, back then, creating interactive simulation on screen was incredibly labour intensive, hence costly. Things have now change and realistic scenarios that take the learner into a believable environment giving them virtual on the job training is well within today’s budgets.

The guys at Designing Digitally, Inc. have posted an interesting article which identifies 5 benefits they see can be derived from scenario based eLearning. They are:

  • A Strong Motivator for Students
  • Increased Learning Retention
  • Realism without the Risk
  • Ongoing Training Options
  • Extremely Cost Effective Training

Click here to read more of what they have to say.

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