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User Types

Every USER has a LOGIN NAME and a PASSWORD. Associated with this is an e-mail address so that they can always discover their access details should they forget.


Users can also belong to groups, any number of groups. So, for example, if you have some courses for a specific department and other courses which relate to those doing similar jobs across a company, a certain person could be assigned to a group for the department and another group for the specialist skill training.

Groups enable you to enrol all those in a group onto a single course in one go. They can then all receive an automatic e-mail which announces their enrolment.

Course Catalogue

Each user can also have a course catalogue. You can recommend courses to users or groups and then it is up to the users to decide when they actually enrol and start each course in their catalogue. When recommending courses, some can be designated as ‘high priority’ and can be given a deadline date.

User Permissions

Users can be given different permissions depending on their role.

Most users do not have any additional permissions since they are the end-users within the system – the learners – once they have logged in, they only have user access to the courses on which they are enrolled.

However, in order to run the system, others can be given specific permissions. Others such as Course Authors and User Administrators.