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Our LMS is affectionately known as L-Cubed – but why L-Cubed? Well, it stands for Leveraging Learning Landscapes or Letting Learners Learn!

L-Cubed provides the structures, frameworks and facilities for you to make best use of just about any resource physical or online in order to learn, or promote learning, formal or informal.

In addition, unlike the somewhat unfriendly technical interface experienced in many LMSs, L-Cubed gives learners a friendly, informative and intuitive interface. Course authors also work in a WYSIWYG fashion so they can see immediately the course as it is presented to their learners.

The result is that L-Cubed is a very rapid and very easy to learn system.

Are you looking to move face-to-face to online?

If so, L-Cubed makes it very easily. You simply construct your course such that activities relate to your sessions and the content of those sessions are delivered by learning resources – intuitively simple!

You’re not limited to SCORM resources

Many LMSs restrict you to this special type of resource and one or two other internal options. L-Cubed gives you freedom!

Build your course structure simply and quickly in L-Cubed and then populate this using your initially available resources. Seen a good video on YouTube? Simply link that into your course immediately. Know of a good page or two on an open website? Simply link to them.

Then, as time, learner requirements and budgets permit, you can slowly replace such ‘borrowed’ resources with your very own. It takes a moment or two to change resources and then they are immediately to all those enrolled on that course.

Learning curve? What learning curve!

We find course authors can be up and running in next to no time at all. Recommending courses to users or enrolling them on courses could not be simpler.