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Key Features


A system designed and built by trainers/coaches not by IT geeks! It really puts learners in direct touch with the resources that enable them to learn and enable them to achieve their objectives. It has a ‘human feel’ that reassures and supports your learners – it’s not like running a database application!

Use internal and external information or learning assets

Have you tried those other LMSs? Do they make you feel confined and restricted? Not ours – build your courses using whatever internal and external resources that are appropriate. Add in those additional optional resources that some might find useful. Link to web pages and videos available in the public domain on the internet to support your training/coaching. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Assemble and evolve courses, easily, quickly and effectively

Need it now? Do you have a course design, a set of documents which essentially cover the content of the course and a bank of assessment questions? Well, there is no reason you can’t use these to get the very first version of a course up and running in amazingly quick time and have your first users running on the course minutes later! We believe in evolution and our system is built to make it easy for you to evolve your courses as situations dictate.

Administrators can see user progress

Administrators and/or course mentors can see in an instant how well users are progressing. As such, they can then maintain a personal link with those whose performance is different that might be expected and so motivate their groups.

Immediate availability of new resources

Course authors can modify their courses so that new resources become instantly available. Indeed, a course can develop over time giving users access to initial activities and then bringing new activities online as they become available.

Protection of your intellectual property

Your courses, their structures, created resources and assessment questions can only be accessed by those enrolled on courses – you are in control. Indeed, if you have a special requirement, for example, your company runs a security ID card system, we can incorporate that into the LMS system so that users cannot access the learning platform unless their security ID card is inserted into their computing device.

User progress tracked

As a course administrator, a course author or a course mentor, it can be important to see how your own users are progressing. Each can easily display the progress of users on each and every course they are studying, right down to the learning resource level.

No impact on internal IT

We operate, as they say, on ‘the cloud’. We provide you with access to your LMS account via the internet and host all of your information and resources. So, your users are able to access their courses from wherever they happen to be on the globe!

System branding to match your corporate style

Your account can be branded to tie in with your corporate style. Standard e-mails received by your users can also be adapted to give the real ‘look and feel’ of your organisation.

Can appear as if part of your web domain

You don’t have to have a meaningless domain name. You can use a subdomain which is a subset of your corporate domain in whatever form is appropriate to you. So you can have something like or maybe

Your learning/information available anytime and anywhere

Your platform is running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (with the exception of unforeseen occurrences outside of our control – similar to all other internet providers – but these are extremely minimal!).

We can only pick out what we see to be the main ones!

Is there something you are looking for and you don’t see it mentioned here? If so, use the contact us form and we will be most happy to answer your questions.