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Raising Awareness

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  • Supporting the learning needs of your business.
  • Drawing from extensive experience with some of the largest names around.
  • Working in all types and forms of learning to all kinds of people.


Corporate expansion coupled with the need for more immediate and detailed financial monitoring from headquarters meant that managers around the globe had to deal with and understand company-specific financial information and terminology.


The provision of e-learning generic courses tailored specifically to the company terminology.

This included online assessment.

The total solution has 4 discrete elements:

1. Local trainers were brought to HQ for an intensive course showing them how to run follow-on workshops which            would be tailored to each country and facility.
2. Managers would sign-up for the e-learning courses with online assessment.
3. Trainers would monitor online performance of local managers and be proactive in offering assistance.
4. Once managers had successfully completed the online element, they would then attend a workshop where they could apply their newly found knowledge to local situations.