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Top 10 Tips to Create Effective eLearning Presentations and Slideshows

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elearningindustry_20140930Christopher Pappas has pulled together his 10 top tips for using slideshows in eLearning.

There are now a number of tools which allow you to start with PowerPoint slides and end up with interactive resources that include quizzes, media, animation, branching and much more. I guess, of those out there, I have used iSpring more than the rest. I can get great results using it. I use iSpring in conjunction with LearnDash (a WordPress plug-in) when creating mobile learning platforms.

Christopher’s tips:

Map out your strategy in advance.
Always focus on the learning goals.
Text should be concise, clear, and carefully crafted.
Use high quality, relevant images.
Keep colors, branding, and overall design consistent throughout.
Include audio or video to create a more immersive experience.
Embed links to references and resources.
Integrate real life examples.
Limit the amount of time spent on each slide.
Don’t forget about recaps and self assessments.

Click here to read Christopher’s article in detail.

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