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Top 10 Tips on How to Use Avatars in eLearning

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elearningindustry_20140818It’s a well-known fact that highly interactive and immersive eLearning courses are far more effective than those that are static or solely content-driven.

Creating an eLearning experience that encourages learners to play a pivotal role in their own learning process is paramount. One-dimensional eLearning courses simply are not good enough (in most situations).

One way to boost the interactivity of any eLearning course is to integrate avatars, which guide, narrate, assess, and engage online learners.

This is what Christopher Pappas has to say, and, of course, I wholly agree!

However, can I throw a little dampener on this, based on my own experience over the many years. In many situations, there is neither the budget or the expertise to actually do this. But that is no reason why what Christopher is saying cannot be taken as the target which you are trying to achieve. It might just take a number of other steps along the way where you prove to others firstly that online learning is a good idea, that you can get the basic information accessible to learners in a reasonably quick time, that you can then manage and support those learners and then finally achieve the backing that will enable you to develop some of your basic learning resources into more highly interactive and immersive learning experiences.

So, to start with, click here to take a look at what Christopher suggests.

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