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Designing an Online Course: Portion-Sized e-Learning

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academyofmine_20140611There are, on the Academy of Mine site, a number of articles through which there is one driving force that threads its way through all of them – the central idea that the way you choose to deliver the content of your course to your students is directly related to your success through effective and efficient delivery.

Achieving this effectiveness and efficiency requires several variables to be considered, and many of these considerations involve you and how you tailor your content specifically for your audience. Diligent attention to learner loyalty is a large cornerstone in any successful educational business philosophy, from the largest eLearning corporations to the smallest course vendors offering niche products in smaller markets, and this attention will be a must for your course offerings to succeed as well.

Click here to read more on Academy of Mine Design where they go on to talk about building courses that fits into your students daily lives, breaking content down into smaller teaching points and being flexible.

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