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7 Tips for Humanising Your eLearning Courses

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shiftlearning_20140930To quote the guys at SHIFT, “Personalising learning, which must include making the eLearning more human, is one important way to maximize the potential from eLearning.”

Here they come up with 7 tips which will help you to do just that, put more of a human element into your eLearning resources so as to make them more engaging for the learners.

The seven tips are:

  • Put Learners At the Center.
  • Address the Human, Personal Need.
  • Lose the Robotic Corporate Speak. Write for Humans.
  • Use Human Faces.
  • Use Realistic and Personalized Images.
  • Human interaction, either through email, social networking, or even the phone is important
  • Authenticity in eLearning.

Click here to read the article which gives details on each of the tips.

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