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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Graphics for E-Learning

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articulate_20140815Nicole Legault has done a tremendous job in pulling together masses of information across the blogs in the Articulate community.

As Nicole says, “With so much selection out there, choosing graphics for e-learning is a real art. How do you know which to choose? And how do you make sure it looks good, has learning value, and works with the rest of the course design? To help make it a little more concrete, I’ve compiled this guide to help you choose awesome graphics in your next course. Follow all of these steps and you should end up with some great imagery!

Click here to see or the information and links which have been assembled under the headings – Select a Graphic Type, Consider the Audience, Determine the Budget, Understand the Image Rights, Identify the Purpose of Each Image, Choose High-Quality Imagery and Be Consistent.

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