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How long does it take to create an eLearning module?

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learningtechnz_20140821Yes, this is probably one of the oldest questions in eLearning. However, it is one that we really should keep revisiting as it takes us back to considering everything from what is the learning need through to how big is the budget and how do you define effectiveness (for example).

It’s good to read what the guys at Learning Tech in New Zealand have to say.

They rightly point out that there are probably more models and spreadsheets than you care to shake a stick at which purport to give you an answer. Most don’t come out with 42 and it is surprising how many arrive at something like 100 to 1 (100 hours of effort to create 1 hour of eLearning).

Click here to take a look in more detail at what they say about their observations of the three main parameters which are at the centre of any calculation, namely,

1. How the learning content is delivered in a face-to-face environment?
2. The number of interactions, and the level of complexity
3. How your team works

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