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4 Tips that will Make Learners Crave Your eLearning Content

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digital_wits_20140920If you’d worked on as many different pieces of learning, across a myriad of industries, and just about the full spectrum of audiences, as I have over the last several decades then you’ll know that there are times when you have to just get it done and out there and others when time and resources are plentiful but it never ever seems to be as good as it should.

What’s more, it sometimes happens that something you were not that pleased with gets rave reviews and the audience cannot get enough of it. Other times you have what you think is an excellent piece of work and the reaction is rather subdued.

It is difficult to forecast. That’s why, many will put a lot of weight behind prototyping. I would also add to this the adoption of an evolutionary approach. Have something in reserve to enable the learning resources to grow over time as you get feedback on how the learning is being accepted and how well it is doing its job.

Vicki Kunkel from Digital Wits has come up with four good tips that will help you focus on the learners and have them craving your content. They are:

  • Include the thrill of the hunt
  • Give the brain regular jolts
  • Put a little Pavlovian puppy in your program
  • Present a learning byte appetizer–not a main course

Vicki has plenty to say on each of these, so why not click here and read her full article.

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