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4 Ideas to Give Gens Y & C What They Really Want from their Learning

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Fotolia_41477089_XS_500_300Georgia Green, Marketing Coordinator for Kineo Pacific, suggests Baby Boomers (born between years 1946 – 1964) should move over as Gen Ys (born between 1980 – 2000) are all over their business.

Many of them are already managers, and by 2025, Gen Y will account for 75{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564} of the workforce. With their expertise with technology, higher education credentials and a flair for all things social, they’re an interesting bunch to add to an already varied workforce.

So what do corporate learning and development professionals need to do to connect with this group? And what about Gen C (born after 2000) who may not need L&D professionals to tell them what to do?

Interesting stuff and you can click here to read more of what Georgia has to say in terms of four of the things to consider when creating learning content for Gen Y and Gen C employees.

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