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How Can Your Learners Help You Build Better E-Learning?

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Those of us who cut their teaching/training teeth at the face-to-face coalface (so to speak), know that when presenting to an audience, whether it be a dozen or many hundreds, you get real and immediate feedback from those who are watching you – mainly by way of body language.

articulate_20140211This input from your audience, if used correctly, can enable you to adjust what you are doing so as to better satisfy their needs within the confines of the objectives you have set for your presentation.

But what happens in online learning? There is no human presenter who can read the messages coming back from the learners. So, it is up to those who are responsible for designing courses to come up with ways which information can be gleaned from learners, thus enabling us to modify and improve the learning offering.

Tom Kuhlmann in the Articulate Rapid e-Learning Blog discusses this and provides a number of tips:

Ask the learners to review the content
Don’t rely solely on your subject matter experts
Recruit people who don’t know anything about the course
Don’t wait until the end

Click here to read Tom’s article in full.

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