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Content is “King”

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Fotolia_65366538_XS_20140811Craig Weiss said it. And he goes one step further – it is the most important aspect of e-learning. If you do not have content – then all those other components, LMSs, social and mobile learning, authoring tools, assessment tools, video learning tools, micro-courses, e-learning tools in general, are worthless.

If I can be so bold as to add a few words alongside those of Craig, it is certainly my experience that too many organisations and individuals embarking on delivering learning online, focus far too much of their effort, time and money on the tools they plan to use.

They very commonly do not focus enough on the actual content that will enable their learners to span the learning gap between what they know now and what has been identified as what they need to know.

Over the decades I have seen some excellent results achieved using the most modest technology – and it has been down to the quality of the content itself.

Click here to see all that Craig has to say in his very interesting 1400+ word article.

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