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So You Think You Can Really Select the Right Authoring Tool?

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Every week I try to make a point of visiting Craig Weiss’s blog to discover his latest interesting thoughts. Today I was not disappointed. All of us involved in developing LMSs or authoring tools know that there are a vast number out there and it is certainly mind-boggling as to how anyone can really pick either the best delivery system or the best authoring tools out there. Unfortunately, marketing can… Read More »So You Think You Can Really Select the Right Authoring Tool?

Designing eLearning for Smartphones

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Kayleigh Tanner of gomo learning has put together a short piece focusing on design aspects to consider when delivering your courses via smartphones. A chance for me to reminisce about working with limited screen characteristics – my very first online learning project designing for delivery of training via Prestel Teletext! Sorry, not going to give you a date but it was way back in the last century and I was… Read More »Designing eLearning for Smartphones

iSpring Suite

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The iSpring Suite is a feature-rich set of products at a very good price. While not meant to have all the power of products like Adobe Captivate or the upcoming Articulate Storyline, in its class among other PowerPoint-based tools, it shines.