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The Future of Learning and Work

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What does the future workplace look like? What will your people want? Who are they? How will they behave at work and at home? Do you know how to engage and retain them? David Smith, business futurist and CEO of Global Futures and Foresight shares his knowledge on the technological drivers of change and the emerging trends and conditions that will change learning in the future. This talk was the… Read More »The Future of Learning and Work

Mobile Learning – do we have a Revolution?

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Ashley Sinclair takes a look back over the past year and comes up with four possible reasons why we are starting to see such a widespread adoption of multi-device in the world of learning. She states that research shows that the percentage of organisations using mobile devices has grown from 36{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564} in 2010, through 47{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564} in 2012 and has now reached 71{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564}. The reasons identified and further explained are: It… Read More »Mobile Learning – do we have a Revolution?

Four LMS Trends whose hype isn’t meeting reality

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Carl Weiss has written an interesting piece outlining four trends which he feels are not delivering on LMS. They are: Gamification points Mobile with Tablets — Your friend shouldn’t be the browser Video and video courses – You say Video, I say ambiguous Storage 1, You the Customer O – You say Storage – I say Ripoff It will be interesting to look back in a year’s time to see… Read More »Four LMS Trends whose hype isn’t meeting reality