5 Ways to Win the e-Learning Race Against Time

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Christie Wroten over at Lectora has written a concise and useful set of pointers of value not only to those starting out on learning development but also to those of us somewhat ‘longer in the tooth’ – a great reminder. Click here to read what Christie has to say on her five ways: Narrow your focus Look for non-training solutions Use templates Make a style guide Skip the clutter

Re-Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious!

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Justin Ferriman at LearnDash has reminded me that we are not all ‘long-in-the-tooth’ when it comes to using computing technology to assist in the delivery of learning. His short and pithy article reminds us that probably the three most important starting points when considering eLearning are: You can take it whenever you want You can take it wherever you want Online courses are almost always less expensive Click here to… Read More »Re-Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious!

7 Tips for Humanising Your eLearning Courses

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To quote the guys at SHIFT, “Personalising learning, which must include making the eLearning more human, is one important way to maximize the potential from eLearning.” Here they come up with 7 tips which will help you to do just that, put more of a human element into your eLearning resources so as to make them more engaging for the learners. The seven tips are: Put Learners At the Center.… Read More »7 Tips for Humanising Your eLearning Courses

Top 10 Tips to Create Effective eLearning Presentations and Slideshows

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Christopher Pappas has pulled together his 10 top tips for using slideshows in eLearning. There are now a number of tools which allow you to start with PowerPoint slides and end up with interactive resources that include quizzes, media, animation, branching and much more. I guess, of those out there, I have used iSpring more than the rest. I can get great results using it. I use iSpring in conjunction… Read More »Top 10 Tips to Create Effective eLearning Presentations and Slideshows

8 Ways to Choose a Colour Palette for eLearning

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A few weeks ago, Connie Malamed put together a beautifully concise article on colour palettes for eLearning. Connie suggests that there are probably at least four things you will want to get from a colour scheme: promote a positive experience, avoid causing eye fatigue, project the appropriate mood or psychological effect, and be appropriate for the audience and content. She then goes on to discuss: Branding Based on audience and content… Read More »8 Ways to Choose a Colour Palette for eLearning

What is e-Learning?

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Besides giving you a basic definition of e-learning and explaining all of the components that might contribute to an e-learning course, this well presented 4 minute animated video might give some already working in the learning industry some new ideas and options they might apply to the work they have already done. Produced by GIZ eAcademy in September 2013.

Designed for Desktops, Delivered on Smartphones – 4 key pitfalls

I am indebted to Dario De Angelis of Docebo whose article yesterday took me back to my very early days of courseware design. My first online design project involved delivery using text and the crudest of graphics on a matrix of 24 rows each having 40 characters, oh and some primary colours! This was the Prestel Teletext system of the late 70s. Joy of joy, I then moved to the… Read More »Designed for Desktops, Delivered on Smartphones – 4 key pitfalls

Top eLearning Experts to Follow

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John Laskaris from TalentLMS has recently suggested 10 which they like to follow. We are certainly not short of such gentlemen and ladies and our bias probably comes from the areas of eLearning on which we tend to personally focus. Those in John’s list are: Christopher Pappas David Anderson Tom Kuhlmann Bryan Jones Connie Malamed Jane Bozarth Tony Karrer Janet Clarey Mike Taylor Eliott Masie Click here to see John’s… Read More »Top eLearning Experts to Follow

How to Create Your Own Illustrated Characters in PowerPoint

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Tom has done it again and pulled together an excellent piece, presenting it in such a way that it becomes an appealing learning resource for a wide variety of people. As Tom says “PowerPoint is a versatile application. You can use it for all sorts of things from presentations to online training programs. Today’s tip comes courtesy of blog reader, Daniel Albarrán. He sent me an email stating that once… Read More »How to Create Your Own Illustrated Characters in PowerPoint