Free E-Learning Templates to Speed Up Your Course Design

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Tom Kuhlmann writes that at a recent workshop he was showing some tips on creating elearning templates. He decided to finish up the template he started in that session and make it available to all. Whilst it is built primarily for use with Articulate, the straight PowerPoint download version can be used simply as a PowerPoint file or it can be used with other products such as iSpring. For anyone… Read More »Free E-Learning Templates to Speed Up Your Course Design

Rapid Design, Development & Delivery

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Whether you’re experienced or new to e-learning there are many ways in which we can help. Contact us & a friendly expert will call you back!

The Best Interactive Techniques that Make eLearning Stick

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Education experts agree that interactivity is key to successful e-Learning. But interactivity is such a broad term. So many things can be construed as “interactive”, yet each method has a different degree of effectiveness. At the ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 conference in San Jose, attendees were asked, “What kind of interactivity is key to make eLearning stick?” Here’s a compilation of their great advice.