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Balancing Size, Cost and Time in E-learning Course Development

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Nikos Andriotis of eFront has produced an interesting two part post on the fundamental balancing act that needs to take place before and during the creation of e-Learning content. Part One is divided into Cost, Scripta Manent (Latin “written words remain”), Size Matters, Check Back and Scale Back. Part Two looks at Scope, Plan Ahead, Adapt to Change and Prioritize. Click here for Part One Click here for Part Two

How to Keep Copyright on eLearning Content You Create

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Christopher Pappas comments on elearningindustry that several eLearning professionals wonder “what happens with the eLearning content they create for a company”? Do eLearning developers have the right to maintain copyrights and reuse their eLearning work or their employer is its sole owner? Christopher outlines the key issues and also provides a great set of links for further information. Click here to go to Christopher’s post.