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Shift Your Thinking to a New Set of Rules for Mobile Learning

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F_67770718_XS_500_320Earlier this year, Catherine Davis put together an interesting article on rules for instructional designers which relate to mobile learning. She pulled together interesting pieces from a number of places to provide a thought-provoking offering on the subject.

I’ve delved back and found this and, given the amount of interest there now appears to be from potential developers and systems providers, it makes sense to surface this again – rather than starting from scratch!

At the time, Catherine said, “there’s a shift happening in the world of instructional design, and the new kid in town is mobile learning. Well, he’s hardly the new kid anymore—he’s set up shop and customers are pretty excited about what he’s got to offer. Learning anywhere, anytime? Sign us up!

“As the instructional designer next door, you are in a great position to work with this new guy, but are you ready? Do you have some trepidation about change or learning a new platform?

“We’re well beyond early adoption and initial buzz, and we’re beginning to see mobile as a fundamental part of blended learning solutions. So, the good news is, best practices and key strategies are coming from successful implementers, and there’s a lot to discover, absorb, and digest for instructional designers who may be new to this platform.

“I’m constantly looking at articles, blog posts, and commentary on learning solutions, and here are four articles I think are worthy of your time.

Click here to see 31 tips that will help you shift your thinking toward the new set of rules that apply to mobile learning.

Looking forward to comments on what can now be added to these tips.

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