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Mobile Learning – do we have a Revolution?

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Fotolia_66676878_XS_500_326Ashley Sinclair takes a look back over the past year and comes up with four possible reasons why we are starting to see such a widespread adoption of multi-device in the world of learning.

She states that research shows that the percentage of organisations using mobile devices has grown from 36{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564} in 2010, through 47{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564} in 2012 and has now reached 71{5f90343551c95c1cd8d815abe76582cd7f3b06a4d52ee69a52e5ef37d2cdd564}.

The reasons identified and further explained are:

  1. It Gives Learners A Choice
  2. It Connects Learners
  3. It Gives Learners Content (Which They Love)
  4. It Creates An Identifiable Learning Culture

Click here to go and read Ashley’s article in full.

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