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Going Mobile: 10 Tips for Learning Designers

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learnsolmag_20140909Paul Clothier states in his 10 tips article, “It’s not always a good idea to adapt your existing content for mobile. Avoid it if you can, and create mLearning from scratch that supports what you already have. But if you must — then these guidelines should keep you in good stead.”

Many of us working in instructional design will find ourselves getting more and more involved in designing for multiple platforms. When it comes to then delivering, the various tools offer us a variety of approaches and it good to seen new and original tools coming onto the market which have the smartphone specifically in mind.

OK, those excellent tools such as Articulate and iSpring create resources that will display and work on smartphones, but, at the moment, they don’t have capabilities, unlike some of the new kids on the block, that, at points in the resource, let you automatically present something different depending on the device you are using. This, of course, can add a fair bit more to the design effort for multi-device delivery.

But back to Paul’s very useful ten tips. I would say these are not only good tips when planning to move delivery to mobile, they are also well worth keeping in mind in the design of all learning.

Click here to read Paul’s article.

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