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Does Learning Need to be Totally Mobile?

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learnsolmag_20140910It seems a pretty safe bet that a large percentage of our target audiences make extensive use of smartphones and so it might make sense to deliver learning via these devices.

On the other hand, surely these same people have access to desktops, laptops and tablets as well. In which case, unless it is imperative that a course has to be totally mobile, we can think of the desktop and the smartphone as being different media at our disposal.

So, much as we consider using the best (or least worst) medium for learning resources in a course (yes, some of us still create courses that are not totally computer-bound!), we perhaps should consider the different benefits either desktops or smartphones bring to the learning. Which leads me on to another excellent article!

Paul Clothier has added to the two pieces he wrote a few months ago looking in some depth at adapting elearning for mobile delivery.

In this weeks extensive article, he starts by providing a very useful list of 9 different adaptation options before going on to look in some details at the issues to be addressed in adapting existing content, specifically, rapid eLearning tools content, text, graphics, concepts, navigation, narration and video.

Finally, he lists a number of alternative that could be delivered on smartphones in support of the desktop content and then goes on to remind us of something extremely important:

Prototype first, then make your decision!

Click here to read Paul’s complete article.

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