What is Blended Learning?

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Blended learning is an approach to learning that utilises a range of appropriate learning delivery mechanisms. Before the world of online or computer delivered learning existed, it typically involved the use of face-to-face tuition, reading, audios and videos. Now there are many additions to that mix. Arguably, blended learning is what all learning should be – using the most appropriate media/delivery mechanism for each learning resource used. One potential of… Read More »What is Blended Learning?

How Learners Read on Screen

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Our thanks to who created this infographic and gave permission for it to be displayed.

Creating elearning – what’s involved?

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Here is an interesting infographic from Leanforward which gives you an idea of the team, time and effort that might be involved in the creation of elearning. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

What is eLearning?

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No magic! At IC-UC we think of e-learning (or online learning) as just an efficient way of delivering and administering learning, to help individuals to understand or ‘make sense of’.

What is Informal Learning?

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Informal learning takes place outside planned learning events or programmes – at home, at work, anywhere the learner happens to be. Some of the learning typically be referred to as informal includes acquisition of speech, cultural norms and manners.

Rapid Design, Development & Delivery

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Whether you’re experienced or new to e-learning there are many ways in which we can help. Contact us & a friendly expert will call you back!

Let’s discuss your ideas!

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Our experience is broad and long! It’s worth an informal chat – fill in the contact form and a very experienced person will call you!

iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is a feature-rich set of products at a very good price. While not meant to have all the power of products like Adobe Captivate or the upcoming Articulate Storyline, in its class among other PowerPoint-based tools, it shines.

Raising Awareness

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Corporate expansion coupled with the need for more immediate and detailed financial monitoring from headquarters meant that managers around the globe had to deal with and understand company-specific financial information and terminology.