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Our experience dates back longer than most in this industry. We work with individuals and companies large and small, supporting them in their learning activities.


In the years of experience that make up I C U C, successful projects have been completed for the major users of technology delivered learning.

From Ashridge College, Boots, the British Army and City University Business School, through Capgemini, DuPont, Hilton, Nestle, Pirelli, Unilever, Whirlpool to Family Mosaic, Gemalto and GlaxoSmithKline, to name but a few.

More interesting has been our work with small companies and individual consultants/trainers – working together to achieve innovative solutions for third parties.

In very many cases, we have been involved in first-time e-learning applications which we have followed up with ongoing support and enhancement over many years.

We also see some of our clients develop beyond the range of our offerings and we assist them in moving on to work with the industry’s ‘big boys’ and then, based on our past successes, maintain a role within the new and greatly enlarged offering.


crm06Colin Mansell, one of the UK’s longest-standing creators of e-learning systems and e-learning training solutions, formed I C U C LIMITED in 1988. Colin has 35+ years experience in the training industry.

Initially involved in pioneering work investigating Prestel Teletext as a learning medium and then in the ground-breaking mainframe-based learning management and authoring systems at Control Data PLATO, Colin has continued to create innovative solutions for a wide range of organisations in just about every industry sector.